Pregnancy food guide

This gestation period is very important for the pregnant mother. Every girl wants to give birth to a healthy child. And every family wants a mother to give birth to a healthy child. So, the most important thing to meet everyone's demands is the nutrition of the food. For every child in this world, mother is like a banyan tree. Children grow up safe and secure with the mother's boundless affection and love.  So, first of all, the nutritional aspect of the mother should be taken into consideration.

The first three months of pregnancy are extremely risky. During this time, the pregnant women nausea, weight loss and anemia in many cases. So, family members need to ensure the health and balanced diet of the expectant mother. Especially for the proper growth of the fetus from five months, the mother's food should be balanced. With meat, calcium, vitamins, minerals and enough water. With that you need to ensure adequate sleep or rest.

For example, the Food and Nutrition Board of the United States recommends that pregnant women consume an additional 20 grams of carbs in the last two months of their pregnancy, in addition to their required carbs. These meats are recommended to be excellent i.e., animal. In addition, the diet should contain 500 mg of extra calcium and 5 mg of iron. They recommend eating enough milk and nuts to meet the demand for calcium. Many people think that a pregnant mother can eat whatever she wants and the mother has to eat more. Those who are about to become a new mother think like this, but not many mothers are seen to gain 10-12 kg of weight in this state of pregnancy. There may be problem.  Food plays a big role in pregnancy. If it is more or less than required it becomes more harmful for the pregnant child. It is also important to follow an ideal eating routine from the beginning so that the mother's body has enough energy and the hemoglobin level is right during pregnancy. Therefore, the pregnant mother should be aware of these issues from the beginning to ensure nutritious food system during pregnancy. Many of me don't know what a pregnant mother's diet list should look like.

Calcium :

Calcium plays a vital role in baby bone formation. If the mother does not get enough calcium, the child's bones will not be strong. Even during pregnancy, the mother may feel pain in the waist and ankles.  Dairy foods are high in calcium. However, in that case, it should be noted that if the pregnant mother has hypertension, she should refrain from breastfeeding. Also, a green pepper with rice provides a lot of calcium. Fish thorns also contain a lot of calcium. Almonds, lentils and various vegetables contain calcium. It is hoped that playing these regular games will make up for the lack of calcium, but if the lack of calcium persists then a doctor should be consulted.

Iron :

Iron deficiency lowers a child's immune system. Many babies are born with hemoglobin deficiency and iron deficiency. So, during pregnancy the mother should eat a lot of iron foods. Such as horn fish, pomegranate, etc. contain a lot of iron. Therefore, it is very important for a healthy child to have iron in their diet during pregnancy.

Folic acid :

Folic acid is a type of vitamin B component. Pregnancy plays a very important role in the health of the baby's heart and brain. Mango, blackberry, litchi is rich in folic acid. Green leafy foods such as spinach, papaya, etc. also contain folic acid. In order to make up for the lack of folic acid during pregnancy, the doctor prescribes folic acid tablets at the beginning. So more and more folic acid foods should be eaten.

Zinc :

Low levels of zinc during pregnancy can lead to low-birth-weight babies. It also prevents the growth of the baby's body. Sheep and beef are high in zinc.  Khasi liver, flour, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc. are rich in zinc. Therefore, for the healthy hardening of the baby, a lot of zinc should be eaten during pregnancy.

Iodine :

Iodine deficiency plays a major role in the development and physical growth of the baby's brain. Iodine deficiency can lead to disability in children. So, you should eat iodized food during pregnancy. Also, marine fish milk eggs bananas etc. contain a lot of iodine. So, you should eat plenty of iron-rich foods during pregnancy.

Vitamin A :

Lack of vitamin A makes children more prone to blindness. Because vitamin A is an essential element for the eyes. Colorful fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin A. Guava, mango etc. should be eaten. Vitamin A plays a vital role in the formation of other parts of the baby's body.

Vitamin D :

Vitamin-D is a very important ingredient. Because of the lack of vitamin D, the baby's bones do not grow. Also, the bones may become crooked. Milk, marine fish, beef liver contain vitamin D. It is very important for a pregnant mother to include vitamin D in her daily diet. A list of foods should be prepared keeping in mind that a pregnant mother may feel nauseous a lot of the time. However, eggs and milk must be included in the daily food list.