Best 28 Chinese food Restaurant in USA

Best 20  Chinese food Restaurant in USA

When you here the name of Chinese food, you know think of doing Chinese restaurant. Chinese food as delicious to eat as it is beautiful to look at. Currently, Chinese restaurants are very popular among the restaurants in the United States. There are more than 41000 restaurants in the USA, jointly with China. Here are the names of the top 28 Chinese food restaurants in the USA.

1. Lao Sze Chuan – Chicago, Illinois

This restaurant has some foods that popular in Asia. The best Chinese food in town is available here. If you want to eat at Lao Sze Chuan restaurant, you will get many different benefits including oven-roast with Peking duck and other delicious food.

2. Wo Hop – New York, New York

If you see the menu of Wo Hop restaurant, you will like it a lot. Because quality Chinese food is available here, this is very healthy and delicious. It is a very popular restaurant among the locals.

3. Café China – New York, New York

If you are looking for good Chinese food then visit Café China. A nice 1930s Shanghai welcome to the interior of the age. You have traditional and delicious food here.

4. Great China – Berkeley California

The best use of Northern California's world-famous Chinese food is here. The Great China restaurant is very popular for some amazing Chinese food. Here’s the duck roll, and with the perfect pancakes, there are hand rolls, as well as a sweet sticky table sauce.

5. Canton House –Atlanta, Georgia

This restaurant is located in the heart of Canton House, Atlanta. They provide authentic Cantonese food. There are most interesting thing is that here you will distribute family-style food if you want. Their food and usage are both very good.

6. Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings – Chicago, Illinois

Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings is one of the largest Chinese restaurants in the United States. They will get Chinese and the best dumplings in the traditional process by selecting the purest ingredients. Meals at this restaurant are available throughout the USA.

7. A Single Pebble – Burlington, Vermont

This restaurant’s family-style dining is very popular throughout the USA. Not only that, A Single Pebble restaurant is famous for the most authentic Chinese food. Here you will find the special delicious taste of the familiar food in every dish for free.

8. Mandarin – Bountiful, Utah

Enjoy a variety of work through Mandarin Chinese dishes. The delicious and wonderful food of this restaurant will fascinate you. Their chili tofu is very special.

9. Taiwan Café – Boston, Massachusetts

All the food in Taiwan Café restaurant is always very good. However, spicy beef Noodle soup, brushed eggplant, etc. are very popular here. Pork chops on rice are very popular with soft oysters, pork, sprouted mustard greens, etc.

10. Ma’s House – Laguna Hills, California

Ma’s House is now one of the few halal Chinese restaurants in the United States. Lamb soup, fragrant meat, chicken, etc. Some of these have caused a stir for food. They have become more popular for halal Chinese food.

11. Peking Gourmet Inn – Falls Church, Virginia

The 40-year-old Peking Gourmet Inn restaurant is very popular at home and in the area. Many more delicacies are available, including delicate pancakes, strips, picking duck, and carved tableside. The restaurant will make you feel very proud of yourself because there are different types of political celebrities in the photo frame on the wall because they are more different types of recipes besides duck meat which is very popular in the USA.

12. Duck House – Portland, Oregon

Only two have acquired Duck House since the former pub opened two years ago. There are a variety of dishes here, including Dan Noodles, Jiaolongbao hot pepper oil-soaked flavors. So that is a very popular restaurant in the USA.

13. Xi'an Famous Foods – New York, New York

Xi'an Famous Foods has become so strong that it can hold nine locations in the city. It’s more fun to eat than the wide, hand-made noodles. There is no substitute for the taste of vodka, chili oil, and soy sauce spicy cumin lamb noodles. This is why this restaurant in New York is so popular. Internet Offers

14. Nom Wah Tea Parlor – New York, New York

Nom Wah Tea Parlor will be celebrating its 100th birthday soon. It is a huge feat that they have been running restaurants for almost 100 years, just because of the quality of their food and the way they behave. This restaurant has rice Noodle rolls, ice peas, and sauce, shrimp very special. It is one of the most expensive restaurants in New York.

15. Sweet Home Cafe – Honolulu, Hawaii

Sweet Home Cafe a very popular one in Honolulu. This is BYOB joint restaurant in Taiwan. The hot Hari family serving is so crowded due to its popularity among the locals that the 90-minute time limit for meals.

16. Yang Chow – Los Angeles, California

Yang Chow restaurant is as popular in California as it is popular with locals. Wanted to put it internationally on the list of best Chinese food. Shrimp bowls and other dishes including beef are very popular here.

17. Star Kitchen – Denver, Colorado

The food and presentation of Star Kitchen are very good. It is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the United Kingdom. There are a variety of foods, including pork quality and spicy jellyfish.

18. Amerasia – Covington, Kentucky

See how to make a delicious recipe sample at Amersia. The specialty of this restaurant is that a chef at the age of 71 prepares food with his hands which are very tasty and famous. It is one of the best and most crafted and delicious food restaurants in America.

19. Pagoda – North Pole, Alaska

If you want to eat some famous Chinese food you have to go to Pagoda restaurant in the North Pole of America. Benny Lin owner of the arrester. He founded it in 1990 at the age of 25 in the city of Santa’s. The food at the restaurant is very tasty and their performance is very good. L

20. Dragon Palace – Phoenix, Arizona

Dragon Palace is popular for Chinese food in the United Kingdom. At Dragon Place, you can expect the best Chinese food in America. Everything from Phoenix hotspots and magnesium beef is very popular with locals. You will also be impressed by their craftsmanship including Kung Pao Shrimp.

21. Chef Chu’s – Los Altos

Chef Chu’s restaurant opened in 1970. It is then considered the best seller in the media as a result of numerous sales. Manages restaurants in almost all regions in China. Chicken salad with hot mustard and picking duck is very popular in this restaurant.

22. San Tung Chinese Restaurant – San Francisco

The main attraction of San Tung Chinese Restaurant is chicken wings, dried-fried, etc. The Chinese prefer this style of food for meritorious food. Fresh Noodles Restaurant is very popular with the locals.

23. Tasty China – Marietta

You can try Sichuan beef rolls and fried eggplant at Tasty China restaurant. Because there is no comparison between these dishes of this restaurant. The food at this restaurant is very tasty and healthy so it is very popular in the USA.

24. Best China – Canton

Best China Restaurant is famous in the USA. The restaurant menu has Chinese and English. Here they can find all the famous food. So this restaurant has taken everyone’s mind.

25. Joyful House – Las Vegas

Joyful House is one of the best Chinese restaurants. The Chinese cuisine of this restaurant and their service style is so good that you will be impressed. Here you can order everything from Chinese food to seafood and English food.

26. China Magic Noodle House – Chandler, Arizona

The restaurant serves authentic Chinese food. Ordering food here makes for very fresh food. If you want to eat authentic Chinese food then you can go to China Magic Noodle House. Because here you can enjoy traditionally Chinese food.

27. Del Mar Rendezvous – Del Mar

Del Mar Rendezvous restaurant is located by the sea. Caramel and chocolate, menu – duck breast, etc. are very popular among the locals. Once you have eaten at this restaurant you will have to go back again.

28. Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant – San Francisco

Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant offers a variety of Chinese food, including vegetarian food. The food at this restaurant is very tasty, eco-friendly, and healthy.  It has been known as the best in America. It has been praised by newsmen.

The food The quality and service of the 28 restaurants mentioned is so good that on one goes below it. If you want to eat good Chinese food then hopefully you will find good quality Chinese food and service in the mentioned restaurant.


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