Planters Mixed Nuts


We all know that nuts are the food of a healthy quality. Almonds are a very beneficial thing for a healthy body. It is rich in nutrients as well as vitamins and minerals. At present, there are different types of nuts, one of which is rich in one type of nut. We need to eat all kinds of nuts to make up for the lack of nutrition and vitamins in our body, especially for those who control their diet. You should eat a handful of nuts every day, but mixed nuts are better. Planters mixed nuts there are all kinds of nuts available for our health like cashew nuts, walnuts, pesto nuts, hazelnuts, Chinese nuts.

Cashew Nuts:

Almonds are relatively high in sugar, low in protein, and low in fat. Magnesium is also present in sufficient quantity. Helps to increase their absorption rate. Nutritionists always recommended eating nuts soaked in water. Eating a handful of nuts every morning will help you to understand the changes in your body.


Walnuts contain more fat than almonds and pistachios. So more calories are available. There is also a lot of magnesium. The amount of sugar is roughly half. It is also called brain food. It is better to eat 20-25 grams per day. It keeps heart health good, especially for children.

Pesto Nuts:

Pesto nuts, a good source of antioxidants, can be eaten to maintain good health. You can eat a  handful of pesto nuts as a mid-meal. However, care should be taken not to mix salt. If you want, you can mix pistachios with tokadai and molasses and eat them as a healthy dessert.

Hazel Nuts:

Many people may not have any idea about this nut that the sweet creamy Nutella is made from this nut. It is rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamin E, and minerals like copper and magnesium. These reduce high blood pressure and inflammation.

Chinese nuts:

Almost everyone eats these nuts. These fun nuts are found everywhere. It is rich in health benefits. Contains minerals such as monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, B complex, and manganese. Its antioxidant properties boost immunity and protect against cardiovascular disease.


The Benefits of Eating Nuts

There is no end to the benefits of nuts for our body. Almonds contain fiber, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E, protein, selenium, antioxidants, potassium etc. which are very essential for our body. All these elements are very useful for our body. We need these elements to survive healthy. Various tests have shown that eating nuts regularly is very beneficial for our body. It keeps our body strong and strong. A person who eats nuts regularly will keep his body strong and healthy.

Other benefits of eating nuts are:

1.  Improves bone health:

Studies have shown that the protein in almonds plays a role in increasing the bone strength in our body.  So, if a person eats nuts regularly, his chances of getting bone disease are very low. So, if you want to keep the rate from getting infected, you can eat nuts regularly.

2.  Increases Brain Power:

A study by American researchers found that nuts contain certain ingredients that play a special role in increasing the capacity of our brain. So, students should eat nuts regularly. Because it is very beneficial for the brain.

3.  Diseases like cancer stay away:

The antioxidants in nuts help prevent cancer. It also increases our body's resistance to various diseases.  Not only that, but antioxidants are also used in our body for various other purposes. Antioxidants help prevent cell damage. Also keeps the skin looking good and helps reduce body age.

4.  Nutritional deficiencies are eliminated:

This natural ingredient contains about 3.5 grams of fiber, 14 grams of fat, vitamin E, 6 grams of protein, phosphorus, vitamin B2, manganese and magnesium. These elements are essential for keeping our body healthy. Eating a handful of nuts enters our body with only 161 calories. So the fear of gaining weight.

5.  Lowers bad cholesterol levels:

Cholesterol problems in our body have been going on for a long time. Currently people suffer from cholesterol problems. Cholesterol causes heart disease. So, we must take care all the time so that the level of cholesterol in the body does not increase. So, nuts increase the level of real cholesterol inside the body. As a result, the level of bad cholesterol is reduced so that there is no problem in our body. At the same time, the chances of getting heart disease are less. Regularly eating nuts every day does not have to worry about heart problems.

6.  Blood pressure is under control:

Almonds also play a special role in controlling the magnesium blood pressure in our body. When our body is deficient in magnesium, various problems occur. And this issue needs to be taken care of as it can take a deadly shape. So, playing nuts regularly will not be a problem. So, I eat nuts regularly to keep the body well and control blood pressure.