Tamarindus indica benefits


Tamarindus indica is a very beneficial fruit. Water comes to the tongue as soon as you hear the name of Tamarindus indica. There are very few people who do not like Tamarindus indica. Men and women all like this food. In a word, the fruit is another attraction for everyone. Tamarindus indica is one of the most valuable foods in South Africa. Many people think that playing Tamarindus indica makes the blood water and intelligence decreases so children are kept away from Tamarindus indica. This is a completely wrong idea. There is no such harm in playing Tamarindus indica. Tamarindus indica cleans the blood. Increases the ability of the brain to think which is very important for human body. Raw Tamarindus indica is sour to eat, ripe fruit is a different taste of sour-sweet. Tamarindus indica enhances the taste of food. Tamarindus indica pickle, mash, pulses are the favorite of many. Tamarindus indica is a citrus fruit. Tamarindus indica is a long-lived tree. Lives for hundreds of years. Is also quite large in size. Very nice to see. Tamarindus indica flowers in March. Its color is light brown. Fruits ripen in January, February next year. It takes about 9-10 months for the fruit to mature from flower. Its size is 6x7 inches long. The result is 5x12 beeches. The seeds look brown. Tamarindus indica has dazzling nutrients. According to nutritionists, every 100 grams of raw fruit contains 24 mg of calcium and ripe fruit contains 180 mg. The amount of iron is 1 mg in raw fruits and 10.9 mg in ripe fruits which is very important for human body. Other nutrients in raw fruits are: 1.1 g meat, 13.9 g sugar, 0.2 g fat, 0.01 mg vitamin B1, 0.02 mg vitamin B2, 8 mg vitamin C, 1.2 g mineral salt and Food energy is 72 kcal. Ripe Tamarindus indica is high in nutrients. This results in 3.1 g of meat, 64.4 g of sugar, 3 mg of vitamin C, 113 mg of phosphorus, 0.1 mg of vitamin E, 26 mg of sodium, 0.1 g of fat, 0.06 mg of vitamin B2, 626 mg. 1.3 mg selenium, 0.12 mg zinc, 0.8 mg copper Potassium, 92 mg magnesium, and 273 kcal of food energy.  

Tamarindus indica is preferred as a raw material in Unani, Ayurvedic and Allopathic medicines. Its ripe fruit is beneficial for heart including many more beneficial for various diseases. Controls high blood pressure. Mixing garlic with Tamarindus indica lowers blood cholesterol. Regularly playing Tamarindus indica brings back the feeling of paralysis patient. Tartaric acid increases digestion. So old Tamarindus indica gum is used to relieve flatulence and cough; It should be mixed with water, salt, molasses or sugar. Chest palpitations, burning hands and feet, dizziness, diarrhea and loss of appetite. Tamarindus indica strengthens the reproductive system by removing excess fat. Tamarindus indica juice is very effective in curing alcohol poisoning. The leaves and bark of the tree are antibacterial. So, it helps a lot in healing the wounds of the body. It also cures toothache, eye irritation and asthma. Regular walking for an hour and playing 25-30 grams of Tamarindus indica does not cause any risk of heart block. Eliminates nausea of mothers during pregnancy. The pain is cured by heating raw Tamarindus indica and applying it on the injured area. If you have a sore face, you can get relief by mixing Tamarindus indica with water. Healing also works. In some areas people eat Tamarindus indica leaves, mixed with chilly and salt to make bara eat. It is very useful for the body. Young leaves are rich in amino acids. The juice of the leaves helps to cure colds, urinary incontinence, coughs, worms, piles and cataracts. Tamarindus indica seeds contain a type of enzyme that lowers blood sugar levels. Diabetes is under control. Regular consumption of its powder also cures various ailments including stomach ailments. The taste of Tamarindus indica juice is different. Herbal medicine for many diseases. Then strain it through a sieve, mix the amount of molasses in another cup and a half of water and mix it. Will be accompanied by iodized salt. Then pour it into a glass and eat it with lemon juice as per your taste and serve it to others. Tamarindus indica leaves can be used to make herbal pesticides. For this, 10x12 g of dried leaves should be soaked in a container with one liter of water for one week. Then leave the pot with the lid on for 1-1.5 hour. Now remove the lid and cover the mouth with 2-3 piece of polythene in such a way that no air can enter inside because if air enters, it can be damaged. Thus, one week has to be left. This time, if it is sifted with the help of a sieve, it will become a pesticide to kill the harmful insects of the crop. In case of use, mix 5 ml of herbal pesticide in every liter of water and spray the affected area well. So, in a word, the benefits of Tamarindus indica have no end. So, we will try to eat Tamarindus indica regularly, it will solve our various physical problems.